The EZ-FLO Authorized Installer Training Program

EZ-FLO is pleased to offer irrigation and landscape contractors an opportunity to become part of our Authorized Installer (AI) Group.

The AI Group is a special group of installers that have taken a factory-designed and approved course and can demonstrate mastery of the concepts and information presented in the Authorized Installer course. AI members demonstrate their mastery of the information by passing a test at the end of the course to determine that they understand how to properly use EZ-FLO products and fertilizers, how systems are sized to a property and an irrigation system, and how systems are properly installed. Once an installer has passed the AI test, they will become an Authorized Installer and will be listed in the special section below.

Each AI will individually receive special recognition along with a special EZ-FLO decal denoting their special status for their business use. We encourage all contractors to have each one of their installers take the AI course. In order to apply to become an National Authorized Installer, you will need to click on the link above to register with EZ-FLO. We will contact you back to learn more about your experience with EZ-FLO Products and to register you in the Program.

In order to take the Training, you must first register; please fill in all requested information completely and accurately. If you have any questions the National Authorized Installer Program, please call or email us and we will assist you.