Fertilizer Tank Capacities

tank capacities chart

EZ-FLO has a variety of tank capacities from which to choose. Since water soluble fertilizers can be used in almost pure form with minimal water added, you can “pack-in” a much stronger concentration of NPK than comparable liquids. The higher the concentration, the less often you will need to refill.

In either case, the EZ-FLO unit does the proportioning and mixing so you don’t have to worry about diluting fertilizers in large mixing or blending tanks or buying more costly-pre-diluted mixtures.

Important Note: Please note that the water soluble capacities of these units is dependent upon using highly soluble, high quality fertilizers similar to or sold by EZ-FLO. Each fertilizer blend, even from the same manufacturer, has different solubility characteristics based on the ingredients (NPK) which will affect the total pounds that can be funneled into the tank for use.