The Advantages of Constant Feeding

EZ-FLO experience, backed by university research studies, shows that constant feeding is the agronomically superior way to feed plant materials and crops. The following table shows monthly gallons of water that will empty a given size system on the appropriate refill schedule when an EZ-FLO system is used to feed on a consistent basis with the slow setting (15,000 to 1 ratio).

micro-dosing refill schedule
Batch Feeding

EZ-FLO can also be used with more traditional batch feeding strategies. The following table show the fertilizer injection rates that correspond to the flow settings based on the gallons per minute of water flow.

injection rates - gallons per hour
Parts Per Million

The following table shows the EZ-FLO feed rates at the various flow settings in parts per million based on the percentage of nutrient in the formulations.

injection rates - parts per million
High Capacity Product Specifications