How to Become a Distributor of EZ-FLO Products

Distributor Network

EZ-FLO currently has an extensive network of distributors domestically and does not sell product directly to consumers or contractors. If you would like to purchase EZ-FLO products, please visit our “Where To Buy” section. If unable to locate a distributor in your area, please “Contact Us” for a recommendation.

Prospective Distributors

EZ-FLO evaluates distributors based on a number of factors, but generally the minimum qualifications must be met:

  • Must have and maintain a physical location allowing for inventory and to facilitate consumer sales
  • Does not provide any end user contracting services (Install, planting, maintenance)
  • Is in good standing with all creditors (cash accounts and credit cards not accepted)

If you feel you meet the above criteria, please download the application and we will review in a timely manner.

Click for a downloadable Credit Application

Distributor Pricing Information / Terms and Conditions

EZ-FLO provides qualified distributors with pricing that is based on a percentage of manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP or List Price) to end users.

EZ-FLO sets its distributor pricing based on volume levels. Simply stated, the more volume a distributor sells, the better the price EZ-FLO can offer to that distributor. Distributors may start out at one pricing level and can move to a more favorable pricing level during the year based on actual sales volumes.

Because pricing to distributors is sensitive and a matter of direct discussion with the distributor, we do not post distributor pricing on this website but will deliver it to you directly.

It is generally our practice not to change prices during the year once a price list has been posted unless there are significant changes in our costs. However, we retain the right to change prices at any time and for any reason, especially if there have been underlying increases in the cost of materials for any reason. We will notify you at time of order placement if there is a change in price from what was previously posted.

Click on Selling and Freight Terms to see our latest business terms on how we transact business.