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Commercial Injection Systems

Shop our extensive range of commercial injection systems, designed for golf courses, sports fields, schools and other businesses who care about the health and look of their plants.

Commercial Benefits

Fast Return On Investment

Reduced Labour Costs

Reduced Input Costs

Reduced Water Costs


EZ-FLO Commercial Systems

EZ-FLO’s High Capacity Main Line systems are for large properties up to 6 acres in size. They work exactly like the Residential range, but they’re bigger, stronger, and can be refilled faster. These dispensing systems are suitable for crops, parks, football fields, and more.

Connect these High Capacity systems directly to your in-ground sprinkler and drip irrigation system. It’s smart enough to know what’s what, so both your sprinklers and drip irrigation zones will have fertilizer fed through them without you needing to change nozzles or adjust for water flow and water pressure. Now, every time you turn on your irrigation system, you’ll get small, precise doses of fertilizer with your water in just one step!

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Commercial Systems

Fertilizer application for large areas can be problematic because of the type of methods traditionally used. For example, broadcasting is not only time consuming but can lead to wastage, soil compaction and environmental run-off. EZ-FLO can supply fertigation systems which can give you a very quick Return on Investment just on machinery and labour alone.


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Engineered dispensing systems

Hi Flo dispensing systems

These systems are designed for Ag, Golf, Parks and Sports Fields. These systems can inject both fertilizers and acids. EZ-FLO Engineered Dispensing Systems attach directly to your waterline to inject a variety of products.  The operating principal is the same as all other EZ-FLO dispensing systems with added capacity and control over the injection rates. As the name suggests, the EZ-FLO Engineered Dispensing system is capable of very fast injection but may also be configured for micro dosing applications.

Typical Application: 6 Acres +

Mainline Flow Rates: 25 GPM to 8000 GPM

Mainline Size: 2″ – 12″

Injection Range (Ratio):  75:1 – 1,320,000:1

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