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One thing EZ-FLO dispensing systems are great at, is being versatile enough to dispense any kind of liquid you want. But if you want the absolute best greenery results possible, check out our select range of fertilizers, organic bio-stimulants, supplements, and repellents. 

Premium Fill Kit

EZ-FLO Premium fill kit

Premium Fill Kit - All Purpose - (FM Landscape, Hydro-Maxx, Maxx Build)- 8lb pail

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Premium Fill Kit - New Landscape - (FM Starter, Hydro-Maxx, Rhizo-Maxx)- 8lb pail

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Premium Fill Kit - Flowers & Bloom - (FM Triple 18, Hydro-Maxx, Maxx Build)- 8lb pail

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FERTI-MAXX Organic Liquid fertilizers

For the discerning user who just wants the best, hands down. With our organic liquid fertilizers, you won’t have to worry about chemicals or toxins. Just feel good in the fact that your landscape is going to look deliciously lush - the natural way. 

For best results, try combining FERTI-MAXX organic liquid fertilizers with one of our nourishing liquid supplements.


Fewer chemicals doesn’t mean poorer performance. We’ve rigorously tested, trialled, and fine-tuned each and every product you see here so you get obvious results without hurting the planet.

Eco Friendly & Potent

Developed in-house specifically for our EZ-FLO users, our consumables are made with 3 goals in mind:

Top-notch results

Enjoy the beauty of healthy, luscious plants and grass. Maxx Consumables are specifically designed and developed for injection. They’re the best on the market because this is what we do!

Potent and efficient

Our formulations are meant to save you money in the long run. When coupled with our dispenser systems, we guarantee you’ll use significantly less product despite the impressive results.

FERTI-MAXX Water soluble fertilizers

When you want a balance of maximum effectiveness and efficiency, but don’t want to sacrifice high quality, choose our water soluble fertilizers. Compared to granular fertilizers, they have less salts, fewer impurities, and are formulated with a mix of organic and safe synthetic plant nutrients to be as eco-friendly as possible. They’re also dry, so they’re easy to store and mess-free to measure and pour.

FERTI-MAXX Fertility Supplements

Use these fertility supplements alone or to make fertilizers even better. If you wish your plants, greens, or grass looked more healthy, or you just want them to stand out even more - the FERTI-MAXX supplements are going to be your best bet. With these plant vitamins, you can expect improved root systems and most importantly, see more beautiful plant color and size with consistent use.

WATER-MAXX Water Treatment Products

If you don’t have the best water quality in your area or you just want to maximize results, our liquid water treatment products will give you a run for your money. They’re designed to ramp up soil and water quality. This helps your water flow better, your soil become more absorbent, and makes your plants' roots easier to reach. With WATER-MAXX, you’re helping your plants grow and bloom to their greatest potential!



Can’t stand pests but don’t want poison in your plants? When you buy MAXX-PEST, you’re protecting them with ingredients certified safe by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and regulated by law. If you’re using MAXX-PEST for crops or your veggie patch, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it won’t harm your food - while getting rid of all the critters and insects that do!



A natural and safe repellant that gets rid of moles, voles, gophers, and other small, burrowing pests that dig up your garden. Formulated with castor oil, Critter-Maxx isn’t poisonous, but makes your plants taste bad and smell funny to them.



Wet grass, leaves, or shrubs are moist, tasty, and inviting morsels for snails, slugs, and other pests. Repel them fast with an effective combination of essential oils including garlic, cinnamon, castar, and cedarwood. Also chases away common bugs that might stick to your clothes or get on your skin like fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, flies and magically - rabbits!


Different times of year require different combinations of MAXX products. Usage may change depending on what you want to achieve as well. Make your life easy by downloading this calendar. It’s an effective general schedule that we find works well for almost everyone. If you need more specific recommendations or have any questions, just pop into your local EZ-FLO retailer or contact the EZ-FLO team for additional information.

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