Beautiful Results Automatically!

You probably have spent a fair amount of money on your landscape and you want to protect your investment. In addition, you have an emotional connection and a feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes from having a beautiful landscape.automatic sprinkler watering garden

EZ-FLO helps you achieve that beautiful look with only a minimal amount of time needed. EZ-FLO landscape feeders are designed to work automatically with your irrigation system and other than refilling the unit, are completely trouble-free and reliable. Isn’t it time you put your irrigation system to work for you?

Residential Property Owners are discovering how to have a perfect landscape every day without lifting a finger. Let your irrigation system do the work and make your turf, trees, shrubs and flowers all beam with vitality and color.

Using EZ-FLO is like having a professional fertilizing your landscape every time you water. And EZ-FLO delivers outstanding results while dramatically reducing the amount of fertilizer needed.

If you would like to know more about EZ-FLO’s products, click on the Main-Line Products and Hose and Drip Products pages on this website.