Feed Your Entire Landscape Gently & Consistently

Gardening HandsOne of the half-truths that we have come to believe (with the help of fertilizer manufacturer’s ad campaigns) is that you must use a different kind of fertilizer for every plant. If you do not, you will possibly damage it or kill the plant. This can be particularly true with turfgrass fertilizers as compared to shrub and flower fertilizers. So we are offered a variety of plant foods, with different blends and balances. So when EZ-FLO claims that all our fertilizers and supplements are appropriate for all plants, it strikes many that this statement is counter-intuitive, or worse yet, false.

There is some truth to the contention that lawn fertilizers applied to shrubs and flowers will likely cause harm. Not because the ingredients are deadly, but because of the very high concentration of nitrogen and also the lack of micronutrients that exists in most lawn fertilizers. And when you apply lawn fertilizers in concentrated form, they can burn and damage more fragile flowering plants and starve them from the micronutrients that are key to unlocking their beauty.

How can EZ-FLO make the claim that its non-hazardous fertilizers are good for all plants in the landscape?

Because, it is the way our fertilizers are applied-Gently and Consistently .

We use a patented application process called “Micro-dosing” that allows us to make this claim. Micro-dosing allows us to apply fertilizers and supplements to the landscape in very dilute forms. Once diluted, nutrient-laden irrigation water is always available to the plants either through the process of foliar absorption or through more traditional systemic (root) absorption. And plants are able to absorb only what they need and ignore the rest when applied in these dilute concentrations.

All plants can use Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). But they also need other micronutrients to achieve optimum health and beauty. That’s why we offer a number of water soluble fertilizers and supplements that we know generates superior results since they contain not only highly absorbable forms of NPK, but contain scores of other micronutrients. For more information on the fertilizer blends that EZ-FLO offers, please see our Fertilizer section of this website where you can learn more about the composition of these premium blends. We also have other high value Supplements and Animal Repellants that can also be dispensed by EZ-FLO dispensers.

Despite what blend of fertilizer used, the key is to feed gently and consistently. And that simply is what EZ-FLO allows you to achieve.