Fertilize Responsibly™

In a recent article in the Boston Globe, noted landscape and garden writer Susan Stocker pens “After years of telling us to lay on the 10-10-10 (a standard fertilizer blend), specialists now say our lawns are over-fertilized and this increases susceptibility to insects, disease, drought and thatch. It hurts the environment, too. When lawns get more nitrogen than they can absorb, excess nitrogen migrates into the watershed” She also goes on to say that “By trying to make our lawns look like putting greens, we’ve turned them into invalids on expensive life support systems.” Strong Stuff.

“I am so glad there is a non-hazardous way to have a healthy garden and a beautiful landscape.”

Why does it have to be this way? EZ-FLO says –IT DOESN’T!Mother & Daughter Gardening

Now there is a way to feed your entire landscape without over-fertilizing and you can still get that rich, tended look that seems to only come with expensive lawn and fertilizing services. By embracing new ways of fertilizing, you can:

  • Have a beautiful lawn without using a spreader
  • Reduce fertilizer needed by 70-90%; which virtually eliminates fertilizer runoff into our waterways
  • Reduce water usage by 25-50%

How can you get all these things? When you attach an EZ-FLO Automatic Fertilizing System to your irrigation system or your hose faucet, you can begin to “spoon-feed” all your plants every time you water, AUTOMATICALLY. Using Micro-Dosing technology developed over the last ten years, EZ-FLO feeds your landscape in tiny doses-with nutrients that all plants can use. With almost 100% absorption of the fertilizer making it into the plant there is very little that can run-off

And because all your plants develop enhanced root mass, you can even cut back your watering since the plants become more efficient with the water provided.