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Shop our extensive range of Mainline injection systems, designed for golf courses, sports fields, schools and other businesses who care about the health and look of their plants.

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Residential injection system
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Garden Hose Bib

Backyard Hobbyist & Enthusiasts

Low Cost Fertigation / Injection

Vegetable Gardens

Targeted Product Applications

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Mainline / Commercial

Feeds All Zones

High Pressure Rated

More Capacity

Total Landscape Care

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EZKIT / High Capacity

More Powder Capacity

Faster Refill

Larger Coverage

Less Labor (Treat 6 Acres in 6 Minutes)

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Hi-Flo / Engineered

Biggest Systems

Highest Level of Control

Parks, Cities, Stadiums, etc.

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Hose Bib Fertigation Systems

Forget using watering cans, backpack sprayers and plain old water, join thousands of other Americans using EZ-FLO to boost the health and look of their lawns, vegetable plots and gardens. Simply fill EZ-FLO with your chosen fertilizer or nutrient and start utilising every drop of water from your garden hose to deliver the nutrients and fertilizer your plants and lawn need.

Super quick to set up and super simple to use. EZ-FLO’s Hose and Drip systems connect directly to your outdoors water faucet. The fertilizer or any water soluble product goes through the tubes to join up with your water source. Now you’re fertigating like a pro directly from your garden hose! The Hose Bib units are the most economical choice you can make. They’re big enough to not need constant refilling. Easy to attach and detach from your faucet. And compact enough to move around when you need to fertigate other areas.

Residential injection system


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Mainline EZ001CX frontElements of EZ001 CX

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Mainline Fertigation Systems

Got an area you need to fertigate that’s 500 square feet to 1 acre in size? One of our Main Line models is what you’re looking for. EZ-FLO’s Main Line systems attach to your irrigation system so fertigation is automatic and convenient.

These “set and forget” systems are built to last without maintenance. They’re made big so you’ll only need to refill them once in a blue moon. They’re engineered to be strong so you won’t have to worry about cracks or leaks from static water pressure.

Once you fill a Main Line model up with liquid or water soluble fertilizer, all you need to do is set the ratio of fertilizer to water, and that’s it! You’ll never have to worry about fertilizer proportions ever again.

Our Latest Innovation

EZKIT Systems

Released in 2020, the EZKIT systems combine convenience with compactness and capacity. It boasts our famous “set and forget” setup and fill systems, previously only available on our larger Main Line models. Now you can have all the convenience of automatic fertigation without the hassle of frequent refilling. All with an environmentally responsible small footprint.

Choose EZ-FLO’s EZKIT systems when you want to grow a gorgeous garden the most easy, healthy, and care-free way possible. Suitable for areas ranging from 1000 square feet to 50,000 square feet.


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Commercial Benefits

Fast Return On Investment

Reduced Labour Costs

Reduced Input Costs

Reduced Water Costs


EZ-FLO Commercial Systems

EZ-FLO’s High Capacity Main Line systems are for large properties up to 6 acres in size. They work exactly like the Residential range, but they’re bigger, stronger, and can be refilled faster. These dispensing systems are suitable for crops, parks, football fields, and more.

Connect these High Capacity systems directly to your in-ground sprinkler and drip irrigation system. It’s smart enough to know what’s what, so both your sprinklers and drip irrigation zones will have fertilizer fed through them without you needing to change nozzles or adjust for water flow and water pressure. Now, every time you turn on your irrigation system, you’ll get small, precise doses of fertilizer with your water in just one step!

HF-086 front view

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Commercial Systems

Fertilizer application for large areas can be problematic because of the type of methods traditionally used. For example, broadcasting is not only time consuming but can lead to wastage, soil compaction and environmental run-off. EZ-FLO can supply fertigation systems which can give you a very quick Return on Investment just on machinery and labour alone.


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Engineered dispensing systems

Hi Flo dispensing systems

These systems are designed for Ag, Golf, Parks and Sports Fields. These systems can inject both fertilizers and acids. EZ-FLO Engineered Dispensing Systems attach directly to your waterline to inject a variety of products.  The operating principal is the same as all other EZ-FLO dispensing systems with added capacity and control over the injection rates. As the name suggests, the EZ-FLO Engineered Dispensing system is capable of very fast injection but may also be configured for micro dosing applications.

Typical Application: 6 Acres +

Mainline Flow Rates: 25 GPM to 8000 GPM

Mainline Size: 2″ – 12″

Injection Range (Ratio):  75:1 – 1,320,000:1

green grass landscape with EZ-FLO

With EZ-FLO, the grass really is greener on your side of the fence!

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Greener Grass & Great Looking Landscapes

The first rule of EZ-FLO: Anything that grows, just looks better!

Precise and regular application of nutrients is key. EZ-FLO let’s you release an exact amount of nutrients into the soil, no matter the soil or crop conditions. Since the fertilizer is in the actual water, nutrition travels further and deeper, and reaches more of the roots. The more the roots absorb, the better your garden looks.

Automatic irrigation system with EZFLO
EZ-FLO mainline irrigation system for landscape

Spend less, Grow more

When you use EZ-FLO regularly, your soil becomes more fertile. Rich soil needs less fertigation. Your plant roots become bigger, deeper, and stronger from the nutrients. This increased plant health means they won’t need as much water or fertilizer.   

Over time, you’ll be able to slowly cut back watering times by up to 20-50%, saving you water and fertilizer. Watering from within the soil helps keep the tops of your plants dry. That means less herbicides and pesticides too. 

Shrink that water bill. Spend less on consumables. Your lawn will look great. Your wallet will love it!

Set it and Forget it

EZ-FLO’s “spend less, grow more” design means you don’t need as much water or fertilizer as other dispensing systems. For little home gardens, you’ll love having tanks that are small enough to shift as you spray, but efficient enough to not need constant filling up. 

Need something even easier? Attach one of our Main Line Systems to your in-ground sprinkler or drip irrigation system. Set it up once, adjust the feed rate, and fill it up every so often. Forget about fiddly maintenance and missing a feed. Your lawn or garden gets fertigated automatically, and you get to enjoy an easy, breezy day just letting it happen!

User friendly policy

It’s all in the name. Whether you’re gardening for pleasure, want a lawn that can turn heads, or need to watch that bottom dollar if you’re planting for profit; EZ-FLO is about letting you do all that and more without it getting complicated.

We keep it easy with fool-proof solutions that anyone can put together. You’ll have access to step-by-step instructions that will make setup easy. Hate reading instructions? Check out our short video clips that show you how it's done. Still having trouble? Give us a call or send us an email. No question is too small. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

Eco-friendly design

At EZ-FLO, we’re allergic to fertilizer runoff! Excess fertilizer that runs into our waterways finds its way into ecosystems and our drinking water, damaging human health and killing fish and aquatic organisms. 

That’s why we designed our systems to make it hard to over fertilize. When you fertigate with EZ-FLO’s smart solutions, nutrients are made to be fully absorbed. There’s no waste or leftovers. Don’t contribute to fertilizer runoff by using granular fertilizers that can’t be fully absorbed by plant roots and end up washed away into storm drains, rivers, and seas.

Greenary colorful landscape with EZ-FLO

Want healthier landscapes and plants?

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