Premium Fertilizer Fill Kit Worth $75 for FREE

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Expertly Formulated for Unmatched Landscape Performance

Premium Fill Kit

Boost your landscape's vitality and beauty with our Premium Fill Kit - a carefully crafted blend of essential nutrients, wetting agent, and soil improver that works in harmony with your EZ-FLO system for a lush, thriving garden.

  • Expertly formulated for optimal plant health and growth.

  • Boosts soil health and nutrient retention for better results.

  • Enhances water and nutrient absorption with Hydro-Maxx Wetting Agent.

  • Promotes lush, vibrant plant life with Ferti-Maxx Landscape Fertilizer

  • Less product usage, maximum impact

Add My Premium Fill Kit $75 worth for FREE

Fast Return On Investment

Reduced Labour Costs

Reduced Input Costs

Reduced Water Cost