EZ-FLO Fill Funnels

The EZ-FLO EZ-FNLHC provides a faster filling option for our larger capacity injection systems saving time and minimizing product waste. With this funnel, you can freely pour a 25 lb bag in the hopper at a time or just dump a jug of liquid without fear of splashing.

This funnel works with the following models: EZ010-HC, EZ017-HC, EZ025-HC, HF-045, & HF-086

The EZ-FNLSC is our standard capacity fill funnel for use with our smaller systems. By design, this funnel has a large opening sufficient to allow powders to pass through with ease, minimizing waste, and speeding ou the refill time.

The EZ-FNLSC works with any EZ-FLO model but is designed for the following: EZ001-CX, EZ003-CX, EZ005-FX, EZ010-FX

standard funnel