Why Not Suggest Something That Shows Off Your Work?

You work hard to deliver landscape plans to make each landscape look its best. You specify the landscaping materials, you design an irrigation plan suited for the plant materials and sometimes you add lighting. You work within your client’s budget to give them the best look for their money. Then you turn it over to a landscape contractor to make your design a reality.gdesignplan

But what happens if the landscape doesn’t take well or the landscape suffers transplant shock and the plant materials have to be replaced? Although you are not likely “on the hook” for the replacement cost, you know that your client is disappointed in the outcome. What does that do for your repeat business? Wouldn’t it be better to have an “insurance” plan to make sure that landscape you conceived on the drawing boards is as spectacular and pleasing as you imagined?

Why leave your plans to chance?

With EZ-FLO you don’t have to leave the landscape result to chance. By using EZ-FLO you can:

  • Reduce the occurrence of transplant shock
  • Keep animals and insects from devastating the plants
  • Accelerate root development, build more fertile soils and develop a mature looking landscape more quickly
  • Enhance the vitality of any landscape you design by adding bio-stimulants to the package
  • Save your customer money by reducing water usage

“Every design I submit has an EZ-FLO Fertigation system on the Plan.”

Landscape Architect