How do I Justify the Cost?

EZ-FLO is one of those options that makes economic sense since it pays for itself! By showing cost savings to most property owners, they quickly come to realize what an easy investment it really is to make. First EZ-FLO can save 25-50% in water savings from increasing the plants root mass and make it much more efficient in using the water provided. Secondly, the property owner should also save on landscaping costs since they will no longer need to fertilize by hand. And if you are specifying drip irrigation, how will you even be able to fertilize except by hand and then watering it in?Dollar in the Grass

But it is not only a cost savings–EZ-FLO represents a way to ensure a vibrant and beautiful landscape–AUTOMATICALLY–every time the irrigation system is used.

For a cost justification for the opportunities where you can save cost that you can present to your clients, please read our publication “The Financial Case for Fertigation“. In this whitepaper we outline the reasons why fertigation makes sense for the landscape and why it makes sense for your client’s budget. We have also designed a financial model to show you the savings you can generate for your landscapes designed with EZ-FLO as part of the irrigation package. Please register with us at the top of this page and request your free financial analysis. We will call you to discuss it and e-mail you a copy of the Microsoft Excel based worksheet that you can use when presenting your project for approval.