Quick Financial Payback

Sometimes high quality is not necessarily more expensive. That’s true with EZ-FLO! In fact, a small investment now can yield big paybacks down the road.

Dollar in the GrassIf you already irrigate your landscape with sprinkler or drip irrigation, you know how much water costs you and you are always looking for ways to reduce expenses. So if you can reduce water usage, you can reduce your ongoing property maintenance expenses.

Using an EZ-FLO automatic fertilizing system with your new or existing irrigation system, you can reduce costs in a number of areas:

  • Reduce water expense-from 25-50% reduction in water usage.
  • Reduce fertilizer expense-from 70-90% less fertilizer used.
  • Reduce landscaping expense – reduce the amount of labor spent on fertilizing. Put it in your pocket or redeploy the maintenance cost to other higher value-added activities.

How does EZ-FLO do it? We quite simply improve the plants’ ability to use less water and to be more efficient in how it absorbs fertilizers. These principles are proven and well documented. Please see our Fertilize Responsibly and Fertigation Benefits section of this website for more information and support for on how we achieve these savings.

For a cost justification for the areas where you can save money that you can present to your management or stockholders, please call us to help you with a specific Property Cost Justification. In this analysis, we will calculate the savings you can achieve by integrating an EZ-FLO fertigation unit into your irrigation scheme. You will see water savings, labor savings from reduction in time needed to dispense fertilizers and other savings that drive a rapid payback. We will call you to discuss it and e-mail you a copy of the Microsoft Excel based worksheet that you can use to justify your decision.