Why Every New Development Should Have EZ-FLO Installed

As a Builder or a Developer there are a number of compelling reasons why you should consider offering EZ-FLO in your development, both for common areas and as a standard item, or as a landscape option, on every new home built.Home & Garden

“It was a small investment to make to protect the large investment I have in my landscape.”

• Enhances the look and feel of every home site whether it is stand-alone or in a larger development. Landscapes mature faster and are much more lush giving your houses “high curb appeal”. In a development wide deployment, EZ-FLO ensures that all landscapes in the Plan are at their highest potential.

• Cost effective option that protects the new homeowners’ investment in their landscape. Next to furnishings, landscapes are the next largest expenditure that homeowners make after they purchase their new house. Compared to $5,000 to $100,000+ that new homeowners spend on their landscapes, an EZ-FLO option is very affordable. Studies indicate that high quality landscapes can increase resale value by 15%.

• EZ-FLO can help you more effectively market your properties by enhancing the look of your entrance ways, common areas and model home sites. You spend a substantial amount of “marketing” money fitting out your model homes so they “show well”. With EZ-FLO, your common landscapes will look the best that they can.

There is no better option that a Developer or Builder can offer that protects the landscape investment while at the same time improving the look of the area.