Doing More, With Less

Maintenance and capital budgets are tight everywhere and you are being asked to find out ways to cut costs while still maintaining services and outcomes. Maybe you manage the district’s facilities and grounds. Or you are a school board member charged with setting policy and for establishing budgetary guidelines to allocate scarce economic resources for your district. Maybe you are an athletic events coordinator trying to schedule more events and practices on fields that need some attention but you know that you have to take them out of service for a period of time until the granular fertilizer has dissolved to a point where it is no longer a threat to children.

Whatever your role, you know that finding or stretching your dollar has never been harder that it is now. School Districts are under intense pressure to be as efficient and effective with our tax dollars like never before.

EZ-FLO represents an opportunity for school districts to be more efficient and more effective with the dollars they spend in maintaining their playing fields and school grounds. If you can save time and redeploy your workers to other activities other than fertilizing, while at the same time driving down your total cost, would that make sense to look into this option? We think so! And so do our other school customers that have discovered the advantages of having EZ-FLO harnessed to their irrigation system and working for them.