Delivering Solutions to Nurseries & Growers

Lower Cost Solution-Lower initial capital cost in many cases as compared to commercial injection systems with their storage tanks, blending tanks and ancillary equipment housing.

That’s right!- a single, self contained tank and mixing cap all in one small form factor! And with lower operating costs, EZ-FLO represents a more economical operating solution.blending action

High Dispensing Accuracy – EZ-FLO’s patented flow process directs a portion of the source water entering the tank into the top of the tank so that it “layers” over the heavier fertilizer mix. Because of this layering effect, there is little dilution within the tank and the EZ-FLO unit pulls from the heavier concentrate section. This separation allows fertilizer to be drawn off the bottom of the tank creating a consistent feed rate. To help maintain consistent chemical blends in the concentrate at the bottom of the tank, a portion of the source water is jetted into the concentrated product solution creating a mild blending action within the concentrate. This blending action continually mixes all elements of the fertilizer formula allowing even consistency throughout the entire delivery cycle without unduly diluting the concentrate. Many other commercial injection set-ups require blending tanks to ensure that all elements are agitated to keep them in consistent solution. Without agitation, these elements separate within the solution so that they are not delivered consistently. This occurs despite that the fact that the blend is fully liquified.

Proven Durability – EZ-FLO eliminates down time and equipment maintenance costs. EZ-FLO systems have NO moving parts, mechanical seals, pumps, controllers, or electrical components, so the equipment can last a lifetime with little or no maintenance. Since there are no moving parts, EZ-FLO units can “run dry” without any fear of damage to the system. No moving parts means no wear or tear! Try to get that with a mechanical injector!

Portable – EZ-FLO tanks hold concentrated products so that they are relatively compact in design. They can also fit easily on a cart, dolly or on the back of a “Gator” type vehicle. This makes them easy to move around to multiple locations if desired. You can install quick connect components (and EZ ball valve coupling with shut-off valves) to allow for quick reconnection to multiple water sources throughout the growing area.