No measuring — No pre-diluting — No sweat!!

This is an actual shot of a tree nursery in Southwest US with an EZ010 model fertigation unit attached to a main water line just behind the red ball valve. This particular unit feeds a 5 acre property where trees are grown and then stored for shipment.

The EZ-FLO unit is refilled every week after proportioning the fertilizer charge into approximately 141,000 gallons of water. Refill of the tank takes approximately 3 minutes since it can be isolated from the irrigation system through the use of the included shut-off valves. It does not matter if the tank runs out of fertilizer since there are no moving parts to freeze up or to maintain. In this case, the tank charge consists of 50 lbs. (4.5kg) of concentrated 10-20-30 fertilizer that does not have to be pre-diluted.

Nursrey with equipment

This is another photo of a retail nursery located in the South that is using an EZ-FLO system in combination with its standard overhead irrigation system. Each location in this 20 branch nursery operation has been using the EZ-005 size system for approximately 5 years without any maintenance issues other than refilling the unit. It is an employee’s job to refill the unit each morning (a five minute exercise) to keep the system running and the plants fed.