Helping Builders and Developers to Meet Evolving LEED and Water Efficiency Guidelines

Today’s buyers demand quality and lifestyle options and they are now asking for environmentally sound options in every new home or commercial building they buy. In addition, developers face more stringent zoning regulations for their new communities requiring them to be more efficient in their use of water. Technologies to save water are cascading throughout new construction from water saving toilets and shower heads to air conditioner condenser collection systems that use the runoff to supplement irrigation. Garden in front of Modern Building

Although the new LEED Water Efficiency guidelines do not address landscape practices in a meaningful way, there is a plan championed by the Sustainable Sites Initiative to develop guidelines for “green” landscapes just like there are LEED standards for “green” buildings. LEED has committed that these new standards will become part of the LEED rating system in 2011.

Even though the standards are not yet developed, we are confident that fertigation will become a “Best Practice” based on fertilizer and water reduction. Our technology solution is not based on delivering water more efficiently, it is in making the plants more efficient with the water they get. Therefore EZ-FLO still generates water savings even if you are using the most advanced water saving irrigation products (e.g. drippers, micro-sprays or sub-surface) on the market.

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EZ-FLO can generate water savings from 20-50% because of the increased root mass that plants develop when using fertigation techniques. EZ-FLO can also reduce fertilizer used by 70-90% Our whitepaper “Why is it Important to Fertilize Responsibly™?” documents the research supporting why fertigation is a superior way to fertilize when irrigating and why it further reduces water and fertilizer usage.

For a cost justification for the opportunities where you can save cost that you can present to your buyers, please contact us for assistance. We can outline the reasons why fertigation makes sense for the landscape and why it makes sense to your customer’s wallet too. We have also designed financial models to show you the savings you can generate for your projects. Please register with us at the top of this page and request this free financial analysis.

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