A High Value Option for Every Irrigation System

Whether you include an EZ-FLO system in a new installation or add it to an existing irrigation system, its ease of installation, durable construction and years of trouble free service will make it a profitable extension of your business. You can install our systems with confidence knowing that you won’t get call backs for product service after installation.phousecolonial

EZ-FLO main-line units can be installed on or designed into almost any residential property that has an in-ground irrigation system. Homeowners like the fact that it makes their landscape look perfect-every day. And they don’t have to lift a finger to get that result.

Main-line systems are manufactured out of durable PVC plastic which is the primary material used in most irrigation piping. EZ-FLO main-line systems are designed to be connected directly to the irrigation piping and remain under constant (static) pressure. Because there are no moving parts to wear out or maintain, they are extremely reliable and dependable.

Many installation contractors install systems on commercial properties too. Because an EZ-FLO system dispenses non-hazardous fertilizers and supplements, commercial property owners like the fact that it reduces liability and business risk. It also saves them money on their water bill.

And the principal reason they are interested- Businesses invest heavily to present a quality image to their customers. EZ-FLO ensures that quality look-every day-as if they had one of your employees always on site.

pcommbldgEZ-FLO supports your marketing and selling efforts to both kinds of customers, too. Click on this link to see the Marketing Materials we have available to help introduce EZ-FLO to your residential and business customers.
For a cost justification we have also designed a financial model to show you the savings you can generate for you business and for your customer. Please register with us at the top of this page and request a financial analysis. We will call you to discuss it with you.

EZ-FLO also sponsors an Authorized Installer Training Program for installation contractors. This Program consists of a two hour course followed by a short test. Upon successful completion of that test, contractors can become part of EZ-FLO’s National Authorized Installer network. For more information, see Authorized Installer section of this website.