EZ-FLO is the Responsible Way to Fertilize

EZ-FLO eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals. EZ-FLO fertilizers are non-hazardous and our units allow them to be distributed onto the landscape in trace amounts that are at or below the Federal Government’s standards for Clean Drinking Water.Mother & Daughter Gardening

Your customers are looking for these types of solutions and now you can provide them with an answer.

See our Fertilizer & Supplements section for more information on a variety of non-hazardous products that can be dispensed through an EZ-FLO system. Remember, we won’t artificially tie you to our products. You can use any non-hazardous water soluble or liquid product in an EZ-FLO system making it cost effective for you.

“I am so glad there is a non-hazardous way to have a healthy garden and a beautiful landscape.”