Maintenance Contractors – Enhance your Maintenance Business!

gworkerIf you are a maintenance contractor, you depend upon a stable base of repeat customers to keep your business humming. If you offer an EZ-FLO option, you enhance your service offering by providing a high value option to the property owner.

No longer do you have to roll a truck to spread fertilizer using expensive labor. Your crews can spend time on other valuable activities when they perform their maintenance tasks or cut the time spent at each location while still giving the customer a beautiful landscape. With an EZ-FLO system your customers will feel like there is a maintenance professional fertilizing their landscape every time the water goes on and they will be very satisfied with the look of their landscape.

Refilling an EZ-FLO system is a snap!. Generally most systems can be refilled in less than 5 minutes. Compare that to the time it takes to get out the spreader, load it, walk the property, sweep up or hose off the excess and move on to the next task.

For a cost justification that you can present to your customers along with the savings you can generate for your own business, please give us a call. We have also designed a financial model to show you the savings you can generate for you business and for your customer. Please register with us at the top of this page and request a financial analysis. We will call you to discuss it with you.

See our pictorial instructions on how to Refill an EZ-FLO System.

See our pictorial instructions on how to Winterize an EZ-FLO System.