Efficient Watering Practices – Addressing the Problem

No doubt you are exploring many ways to save water through increasing the efficiency of water delivery to your landscapes. There are an abundance of options available to you today that will reduce the water delivered to a landscape. A myriad of irrigation equipment manufacturers are introducing into the market ever more efficient irrigation products such as drip and subsurface systems, evapo-transpiration (ET) zone controllers, rain sensors, micro-spray heads and the like. Excellent advances are being made daily on the equipment side to deliver water more efficiently. But can you do more then simply reduce the water applied?Garden with Sprinklers

What makes EZ-FLO different, but complementary to these technologies, is that we extend your water savings, but through a different means.

EZ-FLO focuses on the efficiency of water uptake by the plant materials while other irrigation technologies focus on delivering less water to the plant. When using their products you should definitely save water by reducing the amount put down. When using our products, your turf grass and other plants will make more efficient use of that same water since we are increasing the plant’s ability to extract and hold that water in its root system. Our non-hazardous fertilizers and micro-nutrients enhance the volume of all plants’ root mass, making their absorption zone larger and extending the depth to which the root grows. This in turn enlarges the total root zone allowing plants to extract and hold the moisture in the plant itself. This process makes the landscape more drought tolerant with increased health. It also makes the landscape less susceptible to runoff or to evaporation.

One of the first things we instruct new users to do is to immediately reduce their clock times on their zone controllers by 10% after they install an EZ-FLO unit. Even if they are operating with some of the more efficient irrigation products mentioned earlier, they can still further reduce their water usage using EZ-FLO technology. We then suggest that after four weeks, you should cut back the clock times another 10%. You can keep reducing clock time until you notice a visible reduction in plant health. At that point, restore to the previous setting. All of our systems have adjustable feed rate settings to allow for reduced clock time. Therefore when significantly reducing watering times, you still have the option to turn up the feed rate to get the same amount of fertilizer to the landscape with less water.