Environmentally Sound and Very Practical

EZ-FLO has developed technologies that we embedded into easy to use, environmentally-friendly fertilizer dispensing products that feed school landscapes and fields through the irrigation system. Not only are EZ-FLO systems cost effective–they pay for themselves over a short period of time–they help to save water and they dramatically reduce harmful fertilizer runoff as well as unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals. And when combined with the use of organic or natural fertilizers, supplements and soil amendments, schools can be a model for environmental responsibility in their communities.Water Savings

With EZ-FLO fertigation you can:

  • Reduce fertilizer needed by 70-90% which virtually eliminates fertilizer runoff. Fertilizer gets into the plants and turf and not anywhere else
  • Save from 25-50% on your water used, critical in areas that have restrictions on water usage.
  • Go Organic by using organic or natural products to further reduce the risk of environmental damage and stretch the effectiveness of fertilizers.
  • Improve the health and vitality of your turf grass and plants, AUTOMATICALLY with a decrease in recovery time.

We believe that anyone that has responsibility for maintaining school grounds should carefully review EZ-FLO as a possible solution to changing and improving your fertilizing practices while enhancing the usefulness and beauty of your landscapes.

Please call or contact us for our whitepaper on “Why is it Important to Fertilize Responsibly™” or see the sections in this website called Fertilize Responsibly and Fertigation Benefits for more information.