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Save Water and Fertilize Responsibly™

In the next decade scientists tell us that clean water will become more scarce and expensive to buy. Given the outlook, we need to learn how to save water and how to reduce NPSP.

Despite this, we still want the enjoyment and quality of life that comes from owning a beautiful landscape. We don’t want to sacrifice the look of our landscape even though we want to save water and reduce fertilizer runoff that is causing so much damage to our water supplies and waterways.

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EZ-FLO and the products we produce embrace a new way of thinking about fertilizing. No longer is it necessary to use broadcast fertilizing techniques when you can get a better result for your landscape-for less money-while virtually eliminating negative environmental impacts. Fertigation (fertilizing through your irrigation system) is a process that is more responsible and a smart way to water and feed your entire landscape.

EZ-FLO has successfully adapted the key delivery aspects required for fertigation to the homeowner, commercial and municipal landscapes.  We have incorporated fertigation’s proven benefits into an easy to use, reliable and maintenance-free system for commercial and residential properties as well as for nurseries and growers.

EZ FLO water and fertilizer reduction

With EZ-FLO Fertigation you can:

Feed The Entire Landscape And Garden – AUTOMATICALLY!

Water Savings – 30% or more

Use 50% to 70% less Product

Build Stronger Root Systems

Increases Plant Health

Reduces Disease Activity

Insect Control

Organic Options Available

Eliminates Exposure To Toxic Chemicals

Eliminates Toxic Fertilizer Runoff

Superior Results

Durable - Up to 5 Years Warranty

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