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EZ-FLO Premium fill kitEZ-FLO Premium fill kit

PFK 1- All Purpose - (FM Landscape, Hydro-Maxx, Maxx Build)

Special Offer on our Premium Fill Kit. Just $75

This kit includes:

  1. 8 pounds of Ferti-Maxx Landscape – health and growth
  2. 8 ounces of Hydro-Maxx Wetting Agent – water and nutrient enhancement
  3. 8 ounces of Maxx-Build Supplement – soil health and nutrient retention


Simply combine all ingredients into the pail, add water to the fill line to make the solution pourable, and fill your EZ-FLO system. This mixture is perfectly matched for all landscape conditions, no measuring or calculations required. Top any remaining room in the tank with water.

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