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We could show you one of our patented, unparalleled and highly advanced fertigation systems here…
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Health, lush and beautiful landscapes, flowers, trees and lawns.
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The first rule of EZ-FLO: Anything that grows, just looks better! EZ-FLO is a simple system. It doesn’t need power. It needs very little maintenance. Let’s take a basic look at how it works below.

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Why Choose EZ-FLO?

EZ-FLO let’s you release an exact amount of nutrients into the soil, no matter the soil or landscape conditions. Since the fertilizer is in the actual water, nutrition travels further and deeper, and reaches more of the roots. The more the roots absorb, the better your landscape looks.

EZ-FLO best seller features

Best Seller

Meet our 1.5 Gallon Injection System

There’s a reason this is our best selling residential system. It’s the perfect size for most small home gardens and lawns.

Healthier Lawns

Healthier flowers & trees

Tasty Herbs

EZ001-CX best seller

1000s of Customers Love Their EZ-FLO

August 13, 2021


So easy to use and with it doing the fertilizing, it’s such a timesaver.

Pieter h oosterhoff
December 15, 2020

Time saver

Like it for its quality build, simple operation and plainly the fact you can leave it alone at the tap and walk the hose, no lugging watering cans, no venturi fiddle. Simple and it saves your back as well

Susan B.
September 11, 2020

Take the Hassle away from feeding the Gardens

I love these!!!! I love them so much, I bought eleven of them. My soil is pretty bad, and I needed something that would help me fertilize my plants daily. I put one for each of my garden beds plus some newly planted trees, added fish fertilizer, and everything just exploded.

George Cook
September 4, 2020

A handy method of distributing fertilizer to your lawn

I bought this to fertilize my lawn when watering and it has performed a good job. I recommend getting a pressure vacuum breaker to install on your hose bib; these are available at your local hardware store. The hose fit very tightly so disconnecting them can be a challenge. I bought Sharkbite ProLock Push couplers to facilitate an easier disconnection. I recommend it and would buy it again.

Bodyguard Guy
August 31, 2020

Great product

Great product my watermelon patch took off fast after putting this in line

Adam C. Ness
May 21, 2020

Great product, would recommend

It works as advertised, and as long as you follow the instructions to the letter, it will work wonders. This has been invaluable to fertilize my garden, plants, and trees. I have been using it twice a week for three weeks so far.

Client d'Amazon
March 31, 2018

Five Stars

construction solide et explication claire.

June 21, 2017

I did have to order a pipe to adapt to to my sprinkler system from ez flows site but after that it went together super easy! after that I just picked up the ...

if you have a sprinkler system and want to simultaneously fertilize then stop looking and buy it! I did have to order a pipe to adapt to to my sprinkler system from ez flows site but after that it went together super easy! after that I just picked up the qt bottles of concentrated fertilizer from home depot and my lawn couldn't look better.

K. Owens
March 28, 2016

Five Stars

great so far. Easy to use.

Michael L. Woods
December 29, 2014

Really easy to use and quite useful

This tool helped us bring back a badly hail ravaged garden with small injections of fish emulsions in our drip irrigation system.
Really easy to use and quite useful.

Darrell Holcomb
October 9, 2014

Five Stars

Just as described. Fast shipping..

June 13, 2014

This is a Great Product

Easy to use and setup, and my garden is very happy.. Beware of the Merchant you buy this from.. Some of them will not Read your Shipping Instructions.. But the Product is Awesome!

James L
May 5, 2014

Works as advertised

This unit worked the first time with no issues and provided the expected amount of fertilizer within the period to time calculated. It was also easy to setup. I would not hesitate to purchase another one.

James E. Oliver Jr.
April 12, 2014

EZ-Flow is the Best !!!

I had a mazzei vacuum fertigator that did not work that well. Then I switched to the EZ-Flow 10 gallon gig (I have 2 1/2 acres). Wow the EZ-Flow is awesome. Some advise..use organic fertilizers, my dogs (and birds) like to drink from the tree wells as they are filling up, that is no problem with organic fertilizer. "IF" I was using chemical fertilizers I would be stressing about my animals drinking from the tree wells. This smaller model would work fine for a tract home. Run stuff like essential, organic iron, and watch your landscaping take off. Also I contacted "Jeff" at EZ-Flow he gave me some great advise..not only is the unit awesome, but so is the company and its staff. Amazon needs to carry the larger units, and they are not cheap...but should last forever and you could take the unit with you if you moved. I would leave my tractor, mower, and yard equipment if I were to move...but I would take my EZ-Flow with me wherever I went.

March 31, 2014

Love this thing

I have a larger drip system for all patio plants and palms around a pool. This unit attaches at the faucet end and feeds all plants as it waters them. I wish I bought it years ago. If in doubt, go for a larger unit to reduce the frequency of refilling it with food.

Randall Jones
July 7, 2013

Small automatic fertilizing system.

This is an easy to install system that is complete out of the box and works very well. I was concerned about the price but decided to give one a try. Since then I have purchased three more. We have a number of gardens that are irrigated using a drip system connected to hose bibs. The EZ-FLO simply connected at that point. We have never had so many large and productive plants. Next year the plant spacing will have to be doubled to accommodate their mature size.

June 22, 2013

Great product

I installed the EZ Flow inline with my drip system. It was very simple, in fact I tried to over-think the installation. When the fertilizer did not begin flowing on the first use, I went to the instructions and found the fix (a flo disc) and it started working immediately. Loading the fertilizer into the tank can make a mess, but I see that there is a wide-mouthed funnel available for solving that at their website. No tricky/fragile parts on the system so I expect it will work for years to come. I can't wait to see the results - the greenhouse where I buy my annuals said that they fertilize(drip) their plants twice a week using a 20-20-20 mix.
One other note: the quarter inch drip piping works fine for the black side and quarter inch icemaker white / clear tubing is good for the clear / colored side.

Update may 2015
This years plantings are amazing with lush flowers and foliage. We use a small container of miracle grow in the one gallon tank. Beautiful results. Thinking of getting the larger 2+ gallon size. Right now covering 16 flower boxes on my deck.

WB Halper
July 19, 2012

Terrific results with almost no effort...my kind of system...

I'm using the 1 gallon EZ-FLO fertilizer injection system to water the plans in my back yard and the 3/4 gallon unit for my vegetable garden. They are both working beautifully. I have the flow rate set to the lowest possible setting, so a tiny bit of fertilizer is injected into the hose every time I water. (I'm using Dyna-Gro Grow liquid fertilizer rather than Miracle-Gro. The Dyna-Gro has many more trace nutrients.) The results have been nothing short of spectacular. With zero work on my part, the plants are much greener and growing like crazy. The potted Tuberous Begonias on my back deck are getting huge and one has flowers that are almost six inches across. At my rate of usage, the reservoir looks like it will last roughly a month before it needs refilling. Incidentally, not shown on the picture are two small valves that sit in the entry and exit lines. When I want to just water everything, a half-turn cuts off the fertilizer flow.

This unit is designed for both continuous pressure and on/off operation. The tank is made of a heavy-weight plastic that looks like PVC pipe and should easily withstand years normal use. The other hose-bib models are made of a different type of plastic (polyethylene?) and cannot be used under constant pressure...you have to depressurize them (turn off the water supply and let the hose drain) after each use or risk them eventually rupturing.

Highly recommended.

Phillip E. Lathrop
May 10, 2012

Handy fertilizer

The EX-FLO fertiler system is the second one that I bought. The first was the larger system that I connected to one of my outside faucets and left it there for the growing season. This system is 1/3 third the size and allows it to be easily mobile so I use it on three other faucetys depending upon where I need it. Works well - very handy!

April 25, 2012

Works great

Very pleased, was delivered on time. Works as advertised. I'm using it for my hydroponic garden and all I have to do now is just go check on the garden from time to time and pick fruit and eat.

Residential injection system

What does EZ-FLO do?

At EZ-FLO, we do fertigation. That’s fertilization, but better in so many ways.
EZ-FLO specializes in two things:


Our intuitive fertigation systems deliver liquid fertilizers directly to the roots. They’re low-maintenance so you can forget about them. Easy to set up so they’re frustration-free. And work automatically so you work less!


We have fertilizers, water treatments, and repellents. All developed to be safer, smarter, and more eco-friendly than the average brand.

Fertigation Systems

At EZ-FLO, there’s a range of dispensing systems to suit whatever you’re planting, and the size of your space. Be it lawn grass, flowers and vegetables from your garden, or agricultural crops on your farm.

Not sure what you need? That’s why we’re here! Talk to us about what you’re growing, where you’re growing them, and how big the land is. We’ll know exactly what you need to make your plants grow bigger, better, and faster - no second guessing!

Fertigration systems
EZ FLO best consumable USA


EZ-FLO dispensing systems work with any kind of liquid you choose to feed your plants. However, we make it a point to make your life easy by providing anything and everything you might need, right here.   

Shop our comprehensive line of liquid and water soluble fertilizers, fertilizer supplements, water treatments, and pest repellents. 

All consumables are designed and developed with the EZ-FLO dispensing systems in mind. This means that together, they use less fertilizer, less water, and spread nutrients faster, further, and deeper into the soil.

Ditch the Dry Stuff

With normal fertilization, or broadcast fertilization, you’re spreading dry or granular fertilizer on top of your plants and grass. Dry fertilizer isn’t absorbed until it gets wet. You’ll have to wait for it to rain, manually water the fertilized area with a watering can or hose, or get the sprinklers going. Even then, it takes time and enough water for the fertilizer granules to dissolve. 

This means you’ll get an inconsistent amount of nutrition seeping into the soil at uncertain times. Your plants will have a harder time absorbing its nutrients. Some will have more food, others will have less.

Using dry fertilizer results in:

  • A lot of physical labor
  • An uneven spread of fertilizer
  • An inefficient use of fertilizer that’s hard for your plants to absorb

Why spread fertilizers by hand, lug a broadcast spreader around, or go through the hassle of trying to remember when you’re supposed to be fertilizing? 

Boring, back-breaking, manual fertilization is a thing of the past when you can grab an EZ-FLO system, fill it up, then set it and forget it!

Automatic irrigation system with EZFLO
Ezflo usa mainline irrigation system

Irrigation chemistry

When you fertigate with EZ-FLO, you’re combining fertilizers with water. This gives your plants a healthy, well-mixed, nutrient boost that can be injected directly into the soil. The nutrients are dispersed evenly within the water, and the dispensing system does the rest. 

What you end up with is a patch of greenery where every plant has been fed fair and square. That’s the consistency you need to produce the most uniform, lush, crisp lawns, vegetable plots, and flower beds. Absolutely gorgeous!

Perfect For Home Lawns & Gardens

View Our  Residential Range

Super quick to set up and super simple to use. EZ-FLO’s Hose and Drip systems connect directly to your outdoors water faucet. The fertilizer or any water soluble product goes through the tubes to join up with your water source. Now you’re fertigating like a pro directly from your garden hose!

Healthier Lawns

Healthier flowers & trees

Tasty Vegetables

Farms, Nurseries, Sporting Fields, Golf Clubs & More

View Our  Mainline Range

Got an area you need to fertigate that’s up to 20+ acres in size? One of our Mainline models is what you’re looking for. EZ-FLO’s Main Line systems attach to your irrigation system so fertigation is automatic and convenient.

Reduce Water

Save Man-Hours

Improve Quality

Made for EZ-FLO Systems

View Our  Fertilizers & Treatments

If you want the absolute best landscape results possible, check out our select range of fertilizers, organic bio-stimulants, supplements, and repellents.

Healthier Lawns

Healthier Gardens

EZ-FLO Approved


Want healthier landscapes and plants?

Find one of our trusted irrigation specialists near you. Purchase online and in store with your preferred retailer.

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