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Fertigation Injection Systems

We could show you one of our patented, unparalleled and highly advanced fertigation systems here…
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Hose-Bib Injection Systems

Super quick to set up and super simple to use. EZ-FLO’s Hose and Drip systems connect directly to your outdoors water faucet. The fertilizer or any water soluble product goes through the tubes to join up with your water source. Now you’re fertigating like a pro directly from your garden hose! The Hose Bib units are the most economical choice you can make. They’re big enough to not need constant refilling. Easy to attach and detach from your faucet. And compact enough to move around when you need to fertigate other areas.


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Mainline Injection Systems

Got an area you need to fertigate that’s 500 square feet to 1 acre in size? One of our Main Line models is what you’re looking for. EZ-FLO’s Main Line systems attach to your irrigation system so fertigation is automatic and convenient.

EZKIT Systems

Released in 2020, the EZKIT systems combine convenience with compactness and capacity. It boasts our famous “set and forget” setup and fill systems, previously only available on our larger Main Line models. Now you can have all the convenience of automatic fertigation without the hassle of frequent refilling. All with an environmentally responsible small footprint.

Choose EZ-FLO’s EZKIT systems when you want to grow a gorgeous garden the most easy, healthy, and care-free way possible. Suitable for areas ranging from 1000 square feet to 50,000 square feet.


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Commercial Injection Systems

EZ-FLO’s High Capacity Main Line systems are for large properties up to 6 acres in size. They work exactly like the Residential range, but they’re bigger, stronger, and can be refilled faster. These dispensing systems are suitable for crops, parks, football fields, and more.

Fertilizers & Supplements

One thing EZ-FLO dispensing systems are great at, is being versatile enough to dispense any kind of liquid you want. But if you want the absolute best greenery results possible, check out our select range of fertilizers, organic bio-stimulants, supplements, and repellents.


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Parts & Accessories

Dog ate your tubing? Ran over your tank? If you need some spare parts that have gone mysteriously missing or are worn out, this is where you’ll find replacement caps, tubes, directors, and all those other bits and pieces.


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