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Fertigation Benefits

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EZ-FLO Fertigation

Traditional fertilization is a water and labor-intensive process. The EZ-FLO patented process of delivering solutions to your landscape eliminates the need for additional labor and water. By adding these products to the irrigation system, typically in combination, you are able to solve a wide variety of landscape issues all at once with minimal labor required. With the EZ-FLO system, you can treat a six-acre park or a home landscape in minutes versus hours.

Works with all types of irrigation: Rotor, Spray, Drip, & Many More

EZ-FLO Technology

Our patented process is centered around the controlled delivery of products over a period of time. EZ-FLO can deliver a solution within minutes or weeks from the same system without the need for complicated adjustments or programming or premixing.

The EZ-FLO Dynamic Suspension process stratifies the solution into layers preventing dilution. Layering technology allows products to be consistently applied over weeks to take full advantage of the beneficial micro-dosing approach.

EZ-FLO Sustainability

By using the EZ-FLO system you are committing to a path of sustainability. The EZ-FLO system is proven as a more efficient method to apply products to the landscape. When compared to traditional methods such as dry broadcast, nutrient uptake generally increases from 20% to as high as 98%. Regardless of the product being applied, this increase provides the necessary efficiency gain required by modern sustainable initiatives, so we may all do more with less.

EZ-FLO Systems are a Sound Investment for Your Landscape

Most people have a significant investment in their landscaping either from paying a landscape contractor for installation and maintenance or through their own “sweat equity.” EZ-FLO protects your substantial landscape investment and costs only a fraction of what you paid for your plantings or your irrigation system. Since you will typically use 70-90% less fertilizer and 25-50% less water, it pays for itself in no time! All while reducing or eliminating the need for expensive and environmentally dangerous herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

Transplant shock can be virtually eliminated when you use an EZ-FLO system and fertilizers with new plantings. Landscapes mature more quickly giving you greater enjoyment for the money spent. Our systems are designed to provide years of trouble-free service to protect your landscape and to save you time.

For more information on the cost of EZ-FLO Fertigation and why it is less costly than other fertilizing methods, please call us for more details.

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