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Due to privacy considerations, we will not post individual names or other direct contact information here, only summary information that has been approved by the reference. If you have a specific need to contact any of our reference accounts, please call us, and we will try to assist you with your request.
User Showcase

EZ-FLO wants customers to be satisfied with their purchase and is willing to go the extra mile to assure this is a reality. With over 250,000 systems sold and in use, we continue to pride ourselves on the expertise and support we offer at no additional charge. We all know, you cannot provide 100% satisfaction, but see below what the typical EZ-FLO customer has to say about their experience and decide for yourself.

User Showcases

Images below are submitted by customers and EZ-FLO sales representatives highlighting the effectiveness of EZ-FLO and actual results achieved from using MAXX Products

Dominican Republic

Factory Submitted Photo

Phoenix Arizona

Contractor Submitted Photo

Prescott Arizona

Customer Submitted Photo

90 Days After

Customer Submitted Photo

Nevada Retail Center

Factory Submitted Photo

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