Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What exactly is an EZ-FLO System?

EZ-FLO Systems are a line of easy-to-use, effective, and environmentally friendly, automatic fertilizer dispensing systems (hose-bib or connected to an in-ground irrigation system) for use in residential, commercial, grower and municipal applications. The units use a patented flow process built on the principles of precision, port water entry, agitation and flow control to deliver non-hazardous fertilizers and supplements to your landscape. Four precision settings can be selected using our easy-to-use feed adjustment knob on the top of each unit’s cap for maximum proportioning flexibility.

EZ-FLO units come in Main-Line or Hose and Drip options. Both may be right for you.

What sizes of landscapes can EZ-FLO service?  What kinds of irrigation heads work with an EZ-FLO unit?

EZ-FLO Systems are suitable for all sizes of landscapes. Our systems are used by professional landscape maintenance companies as well as homeowners because they are so simple to install and operate.  We have units that will handle small gardens and residence landscapes as well as ones that can service tens of acres of commercial or municipal landscapes.  Larger landscapes for a given tank size can be covered by simply refilling more frequently.

EZ-FLO systems can be used with all sprinkler and spray heads, micro-spray heads and drip and subsurface options without the need to adjust the system for zones with different end devices (i.e. spray heads vs. drippers). EZ-FLO adjusts automatically to water flow in any zone even if there are different pressures present in that zone.  For example many drip zones have pressure reducers in order to protect the dripper heads. Other injection system designs do not have the same ability to easily address  these different flow and pressure attributes with a single unit.

Why are EZ-FLO proportioning systems better than other methods of application?

  • Consistent and Accurate Metering – other methods can deliver dangerously high levels of fertilizer or chemicals in the first few minutes, and then drop below the ideal feeding range for the remainder of the application cycle. With EZ-FLO, your landscape receives consistent micro-doses of fertilizer or nutrients which is proven to be the best way to feed your plants.
  • Adjustable Feed Rates – Various precision settings enable you to achieve desired feed rates for just about any fertilizing or control situation. Micro-dosing also eliminates the chance of “burning” your plants or staining buildings or walkways.
  • Automatically Adjusts to Pressure and Flow- Since there are no moving parts, there is no pressure loss when using our system. EZ-FLO systems can proportion on a little as 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) per hour flow at only 5 PSI (.34 bars) water pressure. This makes EZ-FLO particularly useful on irrigation systems with low water pressure, on long piping runs or when installed on a low-flow drip or other subsurface irrigation zones.
  • Availability of Products – EZ-FLO offers a full line of fertilizers, water treatment, and pest control products.  These products are available direct from our distributors and you are not limited only to the products we sell. If the product is liquid or water soluble, the EZ-FLO system can dispense it.
  • Ease of Use – No pre-dilution of water solubles required. No annual maintenance. Longer service life. Fewer refills for the equivalent size property.

Is an EZ-FLO unit hard to install? Is it easy to use?

Main-line systems can be generally installed in less than one hour.  Hose and Drip systems can be installed in minutes. Once installed they work automatically every time you turn on your water. No guesswork, no pre-mixing and no measuring. No setting up complicated zone controls or selecting the correct type of nozzle to use.

EZ-FLO units only take a few moments to refill. See the Installation & Use section of this site for more information including pictorial step by step procedures.

What kind of maintenance do EZ-FLO units require?

In normal operating conditions, the systems require no maintenance. There are no moving parts to wear out. No electricity is required. EZ-FLO units work using existing water pressure from your system. Our durable products will provide trouble-free service for many years.

Because of this, EZ-FLO can offer the longest warranty of any main-line landscape injector/proportioner–Five (5) years.

How does fertigation affect my plants or lawn?

Your plants will never be healthier and more vital. Consistent, even feeding (micro-dosing) gives all plants a constant supply of the nutrition they need. This helps them fight disease, insects, heat, drought or other adverse conditions. All plants (tress, shrubs, flowers and turf) benefit from small doses of fertilizer each time you water. See Fertigation Benefits for more information on why EZ-FLO is the agronomically superior way to feed your plants.

How can I tell if my EZ-FLO system is flowing?

This is one of the more frequently asked questions since you will not hear any noise or feel any mechanical vibration to tell you that the system is running. When the system is full of fertilizer the clear output tube will flow with the same color as your fertilizer. If you do not have color to your fertilizer product, we recommend adding food dye in blue or green to the tank when filling with product. To tell if the system is flowing is to change the cap setting from Slow to Fast. If the color in the clear line goes from a lighter blue to a darker blue, this will indicate that the system is flowing.

After several days or weeks of use depending on your injection setting, the color will dissipate from the clear line. Once the clear output tube is no longer showing the fertilizer color, the tank is empty and it is time to refill.

How do I compare EZ-FLO to other Fertigation Systems or Landscape Injectors?

Before you buy a fertigation system, you should compare systems to make sure you are making an informed decision.  Areas that you should consider:

  • Warranty-What is the warranty term?  What actions void the warranty?  EZ-FLO has a 5 year warranty and does not void your warranty if you use other non-hazardous products.
  • Maintenance-What kinds of maintenance will you need to perform on your unit once it is installed?  EZ-FLO requires no maintenance since it has no moving gears and no electrical pumps or parts.  Make sure that you fully understand the annual equipment maintenance program for any system before you buy.
  • Product availability-What kinds of fertilizers and supplements can you use with your unit?  EZ-FLO offers the broadest range of organic, natural and synthetic fertilizers and supplements.  You won’t be limited to a small number of proprietary formulations since the system can inject any liquid or water soluble product.
  • Irrigation System configuration-What types of irrigation zones do you have on your landscape? EZ-FLO automatically adjusts to the pressure and flow on any zone with no manual adjustment.  There are no nozzles to swap out if you have mixed zones (drip and spray) and there is no need to program injection times for each zone.  If you already have an in-ground system, EZ-FLO will work with it.
  • Time between Refills-How often do you have to refill the unit? EZ-FLO units proportion water soluble fertilizers which have concentration rates of more than 2-3 times that of liquids. You will fill our units less often using full-strength water solubles.
  • Ease of Installation – How easy is it to install?  To install an EZ-FLO unit you simply glue in a coupling connector (many different sizes and types available) and hook up the tank tubing. There are no bypasses to be plumbed in, there are no electrical connections to run, there are no programming steps to set the injection rate for each zone and there are no nozzles to install or change. One reason we have EZ in our name!

What fertilizers can I use in an EZ-FLO unit?

Virtually any type of water-soluble, non-hazardous fertilizer or liquid organic product can be used in an EZ-FLO unit.  We do not void our Warranty when using other manufacturer’s fertilizers or supplements.  If you have a particular favorite, check with your fertilizer supplier to see if their fertilizer is compatible with our unit.

EZ-FLO offers a proven line of Non-Hazardous Premium, Water-soluble and Liquid Fertilizers, Repellents and controls and Soil Supplements that have demonstrated superior results in landscape after landscape over the years.  These products will not burn, stain or clog when delivered through an EZ-FLO system.  MAXX-PRODUCTS can be combined with fertilizers to achieve an “All-in-One” solution for your landscape.

Please use EZ-FLO units to deliver only non-hazardous or organic products.  Non-organic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides should be avoided since they may expose humans, animals or plants to dangerous chemicals. Common sense dictates that you should never apply these types of chemicals without being present and knowing where they are being sprayed.  We believe in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach which suggests that you spot-treat targeted areas only if you use these types of chemicals.  This is the most environmentally responsible method of treatment.

Can I use organic products in the system?

Yes. We offer our own line of natural and organic products- but you can use your favorites too.  Our studies have shown EZ-FLO units efficiently deliver even the heaviest organic products. The internal flow ports of the system are large and protected by a fine, non-clogging screen. This screen prevents downstream clogging in your drip emitters or spray heads.

If the desired organic is oil-based (lighter than water), the unit may not be able to pull the mixture since the pickup tube pulls from the bottom of the tank.

EZ-FLO offers organic and natural lines of fertilizers in addition to its synthetic blends.  To help you select the most appropriate  type of fertilizers or supplements can be used, click here.

Can I use one fertilizer for my entire landscape?

Yes you can! EZ-FLO premium fertilizers provide the essential nutrients needed to feed the entire landscape and improve the soil structure.

Mother Nature is very smart. Essentially all plants need the same nutrients to maintain their best health. Plants will only absorb the nutrients they need and ignore the ones they don’t.  EZ-FLO provides a “multi-vitamin” approach for your landscape.  Your trees will utilize what they need, the flowers will use what they need, your shrubs will be provided their nutritional requirements and your lawn will take in what it needs.  Since most of the specialty micro-nutrients are in very, very small trace amounts, you don’t have a risk for buildup of micro-nutrients not immediately used.

EZ-FLO MAXX-PRODUCTS have the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous (NPK), elements that all plants need, along with micro-nutrients that are critical to optimum plant health. Many lawn fertilizers are primarily nitrogen which will provide greening and growth but after long periods of use, will damage the soil and the lawn.  And because grass can tolerate higher nitrogen levels than flowers and shrubs, fertilizer companies have rightly told you not to use lawn fertilizers on your shrubs and flowers because they will suffer from fertilizer burn. But with EZ-FLO’s micro-dosing this cannot happen.

Many plant foods will contain some micro-nutrients and may be higher in salts and impurities than EZ-FLO fertilizers. These specialty foods can damage other plants and soil with continual use.

EZ-FLO premium fertilizers delivered with an EZ-FLO system will optimize the health of everything you grow.  Our Fertilizer and Supplement Selector can help you decide which products may be suited for your needs. We have many options for those who wish to maximize yard performance or target a specific nutrient need.

My soil is too acidic or too alkaline. I also have a lot of clay. What can I do?

Soil ph is one of the biggest determinants on how fertile and supportive it will be for plant materials.  An ideal ph level should between 6.5 and 7.0.  Every landscape should also have sufficient levels of calcium in order to support vibrant and healthy plants.  A high percentage of clay in the soil is not supportive of plants either since it inhibits the free flow of air and water throughout the root zone.

EZ-FLo through its MAXX-PRODUCTS offering, provide many solutions to pH and water quality issues. If you would like to learn more about the specific products, please review them here.

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