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Before & After Comparisons

What a difference EZ-FLO can make in a short time?

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The following pictures show an actual new home landscape as it was planted, and that same landscape one year later. No additional plants were added. One EZ-FLO unit with one fertilizer blend feeds the entire landscape.

Notice the concrete block wall when the plantings were first installed. Many plants were 1-2 gallon plants when installed. What homeowner wouldn’t want to be able to entertain in this backyard after only one year!

Before using EZ-FLO fertilizers

Homeowners have to live with new landscapes for 4-5 years before they mature and fill in. We’ve heard it called “living with sticks”. With EZ-FLO, homeowners can get this kind of result after one year by spending 10 minutes every 4-6 weeks to refill the landscape feeding unit. These results are automatic when used with a standard in-ground irrigation system.

Notice those one gallon purple shrubs flanking the weeping cherry tree above when they were just planted and 1 year later. Believe it or not, it’s still there in the second shot, but now it's covered in lush foliage! Wouldn’t you like this to be your Demo Home?

Here’s another photo comparison to review. The annual beds in the foreground were cleared after the first year and replanted for another growing season. Those tomato plants in the foreground are only 10 weeks old.

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