Calibrating an EZ-FLO Unit

Simplicity makes EZ-FLO equipment the right choice. The EZ-FLO patented design eliminates the complexities of other commercial injectors, which are more difficult to operate and maintain. Once the system is initially calibrated for a given formulation, it is not likely that further adjustments will be required to maintain the desired PPM.

Step 1

Fill the tank with any fully concentrated liquid or water soluble product – NO PREMIXING REQUIRED.

Always calibrate with more than 50% of the tank filled with fertilizer.

filling instructions
Step 2

Turn on an irrigation zone to adjust the flow control to the desired parts per million (PPM).

a) If necessary, to establish a consistent flow of product through the clear “fertilizer out” line, slowly close the ball valve coupling connector until flow is solidly seen coming from the EZ-FLO unit.
b) After ensuring that the downstream irrigation lines are filled with nutrified water, take a water sample from a downstream hose end (drip emitter or sprinkler) and measure its electrical conductivity (EC) using an EC meter.
c) Compare the EC meter reading to the desired PPM from the manufacturers’ conductivity standard for that particular fertilizer and turn the feed rate adjustment knob on the cap until the proper PPM is achieved.
d) Once you have honed in on the desired reading, you will not have to adjust again unless you change fertilizer blends. Test periodically to ensure that the proper PPM levels are maintained.

filling instructions part 2